The story behind Fight the Fight

Fight the Fight – MMA Movement Against Child Rape.

With a child raped every 3 minutes in South Africa and a women raped every 17 seconds, by the time a girl turns 18, she is more likely to have been raped than to have received an education. 

Cape Town, South Africa August 28, 2013- Newly launched initiative, Fight the Fight aims at creating a platform that allows the sport of mixed martial arts to take a stand against child rape through awareness and fundraising. 

Deeply moved by the spate of child rapes in Cape Town, Fight the Fight founder, Jess Mouneimne said she felt putting her body on the line to raise funds for charities dealing with child rape was her only option.

“I have always wanted to fight, but since having my second child and reading about girls my daughter’s age being raped I felt compelled to do something and a charity fight night seemed like the best way to merge Mixed Martial Arts and child rape.”

With a charity fight scheduled in December, Fight the Fight have begun filming the training of some athletes committed to competing in the event, as well as interviews with NGO’s and community volunteers currently working with child rape.

The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness about this issue and seek answers as to why South Africa’s child rape stats are so incredibly high. In addition Fight the Fight hopes to create the link between MMA and the fight against child rape to make way for the second phase of the project.

Added to a documentary and fundraising fight night, Fight the Fight is in the process of registering itself as a charity in a bid to offer various preventative and rehabilitative measures around child rape.

“We are thinking about how this project can be sustainable long terms. Making a documentary means we have an opportunity to archive the story behind how this started and the reasons why we are doing this and the fight night will be the organizations first contribution towards this fight against child rape, but it doesn’t end there”, Mouneimne added.

Sport has always played a positive role in troubled areas. Fight the Fight plans to develop a role model programme for young boys that will see MMA fighters mentor high risk pre-teens by 2014. 

  • Fight the Fight is calling on the MMA community for support through donations and volunteers.  
  • As a first fundraising project, the team is in need of MMA wear brands to donate T-shirt stock for printing and sale.
  • To promote the initiative through displaying the Fight the Fight badge on websites or blogs/ or display the logo on fight banners.

For more information contact Jess Mouneimne 084 827 9730

                                             Guy Lazarus        072 397 3577

Twitter: @CagetheViolence    #FightTheFight


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