Round 6 – Review

On Saturday night I went to another local event at Take Down Gym called Round 6. At these events they showcase many of the local western cape talent in various styles from grappling, kickboxing, boxing and full MMA. I always enjoy these smaller events as they provide the backbone of the MMA combat sports community and you get to see the guys growing as a talent before they get picked up by a big promotion.

There were a few stand out fights for me was, firstly the ladies K1 fight. Spoon Hall vs Andrea Hill. Andrea put on a display showing her superior display of technique and timing. I am keen to see how her talent develops and where she goes with it. I managed to have a quick chat with her after the fight and she did say she wants to get into MMA as well as Muaythai fights. So if there are any promoters out there, I advise you sign her up asap. I must give some props to her opponent, Spoon Hall. This was by no means a walk over fight, Spoon was super tough and  did give it back to Andrea; but Andrea did control the movement and scored more cleanly.

Next standout fight for me was the only MMA fight on the card, Dan Labuschagne vs Luke Jessop. At first this was pretty evenly matched with the bigger Dan controlling the stand up. But as the bout continued, Luke managed to find his distance and started scoring heavily both in the stand up and probably more importantly in this bout making the take downs counts and eventually winning with a some ground and pound. I do love it when the smaller guy dominates a bigger one.

Next bout that peaked my interest, and got the crowd going too, was Gregory Gans vs Endi Pegado. I have seen Endi fight a few times and I really like his style, it kinda reminds me of Thailand, starting off slow and picking up the pace as the fight goes. However, it was not his night and he just could not find his rhythm. I was impressed with Gregory’s boxing, cardio and strength. He just seemed the better, more composed fighter controlling the entire fight. Really looking forward to seeing him competing again.

Last fight of the night and the Main event of the evening was Tshims vs Wade Hammond. These had fought each other recently at SA Champs and Tshims had won narrowly then. The fight was scheduled for 4 rounds, and both fighters gave it their all from start to finish. i feel Wade had slightly edged it enough not to be a draw, but the judges felt different and an extra round was declared. at this point it just seemed Tshims had that little bit more in his gas tank and managed to keep the pressure on till the final final bell and take the victory.

Full Results:

Bout 1) Boxing – Dillon Yule drew with Matthew Marais.

Bout 2) MMA –  Luke Jessop defeated Dan Labuschagne by TKO via GnP.

Bout 3) Female K1 –  Andrea Hill defeated Spoon Hall by points.

Bout 4) K1 – Pierre Fisher defeated Matthew Beck by points.

Bout 5) Boxing – Dan Cull drew with Michael Maxwell.

Bout 6) K1 – Antonio Fabing defeated  Ruwan Prinsloo by points.

Bout 6) K1 – Joshua Ignjatovic defeated Greg Lind by points.

Bout 7) K1 – Gregory Gans defeated Endi Pegado by points.

Bout 8) K1 – Emile Brits defeates Danyon Jooste by points.

Bout 9) K1 – Laurenne Snyders drew with Carlo Shippers.

Bout 10) K1 – Tshims defeats Wade hammond by points in an extra round.

Many thanks to Nuraan Noordien for the fantastic photos, give her a follow on twitter: @Nuraan_N

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