Review Panther Fight Night 17 August

So on Saturday I attended the Panther Fight Night to have another fight filled entertaining evening. There was the usual faces from the various gyms, as well as some new ones; along with a few EFC fighters: Don Madge (Lightweight Champion) , Gideon Drotschie (Interim Light Heavyweight Champion), Alain Ilunga and recent additions to the EFC roster Sibusisu Mdoko and Themba Gorimbo. Overall the fights were a step up in level and was impressed by a few individuals.

with Alain Illunga

First fight for me that stood out was was, well the first fight. Wiehan Basson vs Matthew Beck. This was a K1 bout at around 65Kg, although looking at the guys they both looked smaller. Both guys showed some great technical skills especially with their kicking and we could hear the kicks from both boys, even with shin pads on. Wiehan still being much younger fighter, I am interested to see how he progresses in his career after such a great performance and win on points.

with Themba Gorimbo

The next bout that caught my interest was Dyllan van Ginkel vs Mordechai Serraf. This was a very short MMA bout where the shorter Mordechai timed everything very well to win by KO with a head kick. I believe there is a lot of potential from this young guy for the future as he recently won his division in the GASS tournament and now showing he can strike efficiently as well. Check out a mobile video of the fight:

The last standout fight for me was also an MMA bout between Sean de Lange vs vs Tshims Tshilomba. The first round was very clearly Sean’s with him controlling the range almost to a sniper’s accuracy and then getting the takedown and finishing the round with some strong Ground and Pound. However, in the 2nd round Tshims seemed to come back a bit, not sure if Sean got tired or Tshims found his timing and distance, but made for an entertaining back and forth 2nd round of exchanges. Into the 3rd round and we pretty continued with the back and forth exchanges between the 2. I am a little unsure as to how they ended up on the ground at this point, but after a little scramble between them, Sean caught Tshims in an armbar to take the victory via submission.

Full results:

Fight 1 K1: Wiehan Basson beat Matthew Beck via points
Fight 2 MMA:  Graham Turner beat Marcus Rademeyer via submission in Rnd 1 (Arm Bar)
Fight 3 K1: Bernard Coetzee beat Alain Kulefuka via points
Fight 4 MMA: Mordechai Serraf beat Dyllan van Ginkel via KO in Rnd 1 (Headkick)
Fight 5 Female K1: Kristen De Wit beat Christa Koekemoer via split decision
Fight 6 MMA: Sean De Lange beat Tshims Tshilomba via submission in Rnd 3 (Arm Bar)
Fight 7 K1: Brandon-Lee Maddock beat GD Gelinhuys via pointss decision
Fight 8 K1: Johan Roos beat Tommy on points
Fight 9 MMA: JP Melim beat Willem Tredoux via TKO in Rnd 1 (GnP)

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