Victor Ngabe wins MAX Muaythai – Full Event Video

Victor Ngabe kicking Rhassan Muhareb

The 2nd big promotion from Saturday was MAX Muaythai. It had a 4 man tournament, where the winner goes into the final 4 man tournament in December. There was also a stacked card of Super fights. The eventual winner of the 4 man event is an almost unknown Australian Victor Ngabe. He managed to beat Rhassan Muhareb in the semi finals and then French Nak Muay Fabio Pinca in the finals. Also notewrothy on hte card was South African Warren Stevelmans who fought the monster that is Aikpracha. Aikpracha pretty much dominated Stevelmans, but tit is good to See South Africans always representing at the highest levels of Mauythai. Below is the full event video. Enjoy and let me know which was your favourite fights or highlights.

Semi-final 1:
Fabio Pinca def. Diesellek Sor Uodoonmuang by Decision
Semi-final 2: Victor Ngabe def. Rhassan Muhareb by Decision
Aikpracha def. Warren Stevelmans by Decision
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def. Juri Jehl by Decision
Douchonlek def. Alka Matewa by Decision
MAX Final: Victor Ngabe def. Favio Pinca by Decision

Many thanks to AppleBeeAppleLoveII for the upload

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