Official Results from Mother City Winter Open

I had the opportunity to pop round and check out the Mother City Winter open at Renzo Gracie Cape Town over the weekend. It was a enjoayble change to the typical Standup/MMA events I have been to of late and rather enjoyed the atmosphere. Apologies for the low quality pics, but here are the official results. Should you be interested in thre National Ranking of Jiu Jitsu players, check out our friends at Jits SA that are doing a great job of recording everyone’s scores from various competitions.


Under 65:  1.Gareth Lombard-Dragon Power / 2.Rafeq Ebraham-Top Gym / 3. Eddie Manhando-Gracie Barra

Under 74:  1.Deslie Faithfull-Renzo Gracie/ 2.Wessel Botes-Renzo Gracie / 3.Gary Bailey-Top Gym

Under 83: 1.Bruno Mukulu-Rio Grappling,Stellenbosch /2.Dale Alexander- Renzo Gracie / 3.Sobantu Nqayi-Renzo Gracie

Under 92: 1.Kurt Plaatjies-Rio Grappling,stellenbosch / 2.Christian Pretorius-Renzo Gracie / 3.Kyle Abrahams-Renzo Gracie

Over 92:    1.Imre Andres-Renzo Gracie / 2.Edmundo Ferriera-Renzo Gracie / 3.Geodesio Velasco-Renzo Gracie


Under 65: 1.Leo Sobrinho-Renzo Gracie /2.Kiko Veiga-Renzo Gracie /3.Gary Joshua-Top Gym

Under 74: 1.Richard Lowe-Renzo Gracie /2.Celso Chassungo-Renzo Gracie /3.Bruce Hudson-Renzo Gracie

Under 83: 1.Chad Hepburn-Top Gym    /2.Mathew Munnik-Renzo Gracie /3.Gabrielle Du Toit-Rio Grappling ,Stellenboch

Under 92: 1.Dalcha Lungiambula-DragonPower  /2.Jason Kleinman-Renzo Gracie

Over 92  :  1.Robert Siddle-Renzo Gracie   /2.Zaahir Manuel-Rio Grappling,Takedown

Over 92:  1.Wesley George-Renzo Gracie /2.Shaughn Vos-Rio Grappling,stellenboch

Under 74: 1.Mathew Taylor-Renzo Gracie /2.Eddie Lallo-Top Gym


Womans under 63: 1.Dani Gabriel-Renzo Gracie /2.Dominique Bouckhart-Renzo Gracie


Under 65: 1.Leo Sobrinho-Renzo Gracie /2.Gary Joshua-Top Gym /3.Kiko Veiga-Renzo Gracie /3.Gareth Lombard-Dragon Power

Under 74: 1.Mathew Taylor-Renzo Gracie /2.Deslie Faithfull-Renzo Gracie /3.Wessel Botes-Renzo Gracie

Under 83: 1.Mathew Munnik-Renzo Gracie /2.Bruno Mukulu-Rio Grappling,Takedown /3.Regis Muyambo-Rio Grappling,Panther

Under 92: 1. Kyle Abrahams-Renzo Gracie /2.Dugald Bailey-Renzo Gracie /3.Ayrton Fontes-Renzo Gracie

Over 92   : 1.Shaugn Vos-Rio Grappling,Stellenboch /2.Rob Siddle-Renzo Gracie  /3.Barnard Du Toit-Rio Grappling,Stellenboch

Womans under 63: 1.Dani Gabriel-Renzo Gracie /2.Dominique Bouckhart-Renzo Gracie

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I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

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