Thai Fight Reality Show “Kard Chuek” results and Final 8 revealed

Besides Sanchai winning his debut K1 bout. This seems to be the biggest news in the Muaythai community from this weekend. We all know by now about the promotion Thai Fight. They started off really well with top Thais vs top westerners. Then MAX Muaythai came around and has challenged them as the biggest Muaythai promotion. There is a lot of drama and legal issues around this and is currently being sorted out. How ever while all this is been going on, Thai Fight has been producing a reality TV show. It is similar in concept to The Contender and Muaythai Challenger featuring an array of talented international fighters in a knockout tournament. Shows lots of promise and I am genuinely excited for it. So recently the final 16 round was completed and the results were leaked. We can also see from the results who the final 8 are going to be. There is quite a mixture of talent from Thai Elite Saiyok & Sudsakorn to almost unknown fighters such as Zaw Tum from Myanmar.

Thai Fight Kard Chuek- Final 16 Results: Results from FightSportAsia.

Dima Konstantinov (Ukraine)  def. Richardi Genda (slovakia) by Decision

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (Th) def. Victor Hugo Nunes (Brazil) by Decision

Crice Boussoukou (S.Africa) def.  Jong Hyun Ko (Korea) by KO

Youssef Boughanem (Belgium) def. Sebastien Billard (Monaco) by KO

Idouche Lahoucine (Morocco) def. Kazbek Zubarev (Russia) by KO

Zaw Tum (Myanmar) def. Dimitri Masson (Switz) by Decision

Mickael Piscitello (France) def. Martin Meoni (Italy) by KO

Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Th) def. Matheus Pereira Dagruz (Columbia) by Decision


Now as I said, this is all super exciting. However, you will notice something if you are as interested in Africans competing as I am. It lists Crice Boussoukou as South African. This is not the first time I have seen him representing South Africa. I find this a little peculiar, as I have never heard of him outside of Thai Fight. So I did a little research and he is actually a Frenchman. I do not want to take away from his fighting ability as he is a very good fighter. However I am really irked by this misrepresentation or even false advertising. I am unfamiliar with the laws in Thailand, but it is illegal here in South Africa. Surely this can’t just be accepted, especially for a promotion that acts on a  world stage? I stand to be corrected on Crice’s nationality. So please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Here is his fight with Andrei Kulebin at Thai Fight in October last year.

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