Finish Friday 5 – Legends going down

Here is this week’s Finish Friday. We are featuring the Mondam Sor Werapon vs Superlek Wor Sangprapai for the for the Lumpinee Bantamweight belt from on the 7th June 2013.


Next up we have a legendary submission from Eddie Bravo submitting Royler Gracie back in 2003 at the ADCC Championships. It is kinda long, but definitely worth the watch.

About Guy Lazarus

I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

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