EBMAS Self Defence Seminar Review

Left to right: Sensei Dewald, Kyle Howe, Sifu Emin Boztepe, Sifu Ryan.

You might have seen a post on Sunday about this seminar. I was not able to attend, however the ticket winner Kyle Howe agreed to do a little write about about the seminar. So lets see what Kyle had to say about the seminar.

“The seminar was fun! Sifu Emin was super friendly and his students and the other people attending were welcoming and happy to stop and help. We covered a lot of wing chun applications. What I liked and respected is Sifu Emin’s knowledge and abilities in wrestling, Muaythai and boxing. He showed super effective ways for wing chun fighters to stay in tight and not allow their opponents any space.He demonstrated a lot of techniques for wing chun practitioners to counter MMA, Thai and western boxers in the street. I learned a few techniques to do with leg attacks that I couldn’t use in an MMA fight but would come in super handy in a street situation. I also learned how to change angles and the importance of that.
Something Sifu Emin pointed out was how people need to train to be good, the old myth of wing chun meaning you don’t need any training is nonsense. You need to be explosive and fast and once you attack you need to be on the opponent like a pitbull and strike fast and furiously!
There weren’t that many people and unfortunately we didn’t touch on anti-grappling or any weapons defenses – but the whole group was in agreement that it would have been too much information us anyway. A super informative course, I’d recommend wing chun as one of the most effective self defense systems as its all based on math and constantly evolving. You just have to pick the right school and train hard!”

Thank you Kyle for this, I am sure others will take an interest and want to find thier local school.

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