Max Muaythai – Andrei Kulebin vs Umar Samata

This was the fight I was anticipating the most. Partly for Andrei Kulebin, but mostly to see Ugandan standout Umar Semata. I don’t know too much about him, but he has been making waves out in Thailand; having fought some of the Muaythai elites in Sanchai and Sagetdao.

I posted the finals of Andrei winning the the 4 man Max Muaythai tournament yesterday, so obviously Umar lost this fight. This fight did go all the way and was super entertaining. Lots of power and ability in both these fighters. Watch out for some of the jumping and spinning kicks.

FYI: This is actually the entire event. So I advise saving it for when you have some time to sit and watch a full hour. Definitely worth it.


Skip to 49:21 for the Bukauw vs Malik Watson Exhibition Fight

Many thanks to AppleBeeAppleLove for the upload.

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