Gareth Friedman vs Fore Singpatong

In my last post I featured Gareth in the Finish Friday weekly post. He has had another fight just a few days ago. This was a much hard fight against a rather technical opponent. Gareth managed to rock the frenchman with some strong boxing, however Fore had the better Muaythai technique and outpointed him with kicks and knees. A rather entertaining fight nonetheless and look forward to more from Gareth.

Thank you to Nakmuaythai for the upload.

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I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

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