Vuyisile Colossa to fight Thiago Texeira at Muaythai Singapore Challenge

I spotted this event on Vusi’s Facebook page yesterday and was kinda shocked I hadn’t heard much about it before. After a little investigation I got hold of the organisers and asked for a press release as there is a South African fighting on the card. You can see the official press release after the videos.

I am personally rather excited for this fight event. Thiago is a Brazlian with loads of talent and a large amount of power to match Vusi’s, so this you can count on being a a very hard hitting fight. Thiago is the Z1 4 man champion and Vusi is a former South African Muaythai Champion as well as a contestant on Muaythai Challenger where he made the quarter finals, losing to the winner Madsua from Thailand. He has also beaten Yodsanklai for the WBC title a few years back. The best part is that they are the main event!  They will be fighting for the WMC Cross Border Championship Belt. Below is a video of Vusi vs Michael Corley from USA in the Challenger Muaythai:

As the Co-Main event we havebIlya Grad from Israel VS Faizal Ramli from Malaysia. Both these Nak Muay were also part of The Challenger Muaythai TV show and is where they both did quite well. Ilya is a IFMA & WCK Muaythai Champion and Faizal who is called ‘Golden Elbow’ for a reason. They will be fighting for the Muaythai Against Drugs Championship Belt .You can see some of thier fights from The Challenger Muaythai below:

Many Thanks to CHOKDEEVIDEO for the video uploads


Muay Thai giants from all over the world will fight it out at the Inaugural

Muay Thai Challenge 2013 in Singapore

Singapore, 11th March 2013 – The inaugural Muay Thai Challenge 2013 will be held in Singapore at the Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel®, Resorts World™ Sentosa on the 13th of April 2013 at 7pm. The competition will see Muay Thai giants from all over the world fight it out, including Top finalists from “The Challenger Asia”, up and coming fighters from the region, together with home grown talent.

One of the main highlights of the night will be the Muay Thai Anti Drug (MAD) Belt which is a charity fight to raise awareness for the “Muay Thai Against Drugs” campaign which is sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Council, and the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur.

“Muay Thai Against Drugs” is established in over 50 countries and promotes awareness of the dangers of drugs and fostering positive influences in the lives of youth today. Since the project kicked off, over 10,000 children have participated in the program and benefited from it.

The “Muay Thai Against Drugs” campaign began over a decade ago, in 1999, when the special Muaythai Against Drugs – Find the Right Path campaign was established under the direction of H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya in cooperation with IFMA.

“We are very excited with the launch of the inaugural Muay Thai Challenge 2013 in Singapore. We feel the people of Singapore are ready for this level of competition.” Said Mr. Stephan Fox, former Muaythai World Champion, the current General Secretary of International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and Vice-President of the World Muay Thai Council. “There will also be a Muay Thai Anti Drug (MAD) Belt which would help us raise awareness for our “Muay Thai Against Drugs” campaign.”

There will also be five Singaporean Muay Thai fighters taking part in the competition, out of the total of number of thirteen fighters in the Challenge. They are Mohd. Azhari, Zay Yar Oo, Ian Koh, Challi Bassina and Chai Kai Quan. This gives our local talent a good representation and an excellent platform to shine.

The event is organized by E-Fair Enterprise, presented by Chang Beer, in collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa Singapore and Hard Rock Hotel and co-sponsored by Chuan Hup Seng Steel Structure Construction, Everlast and Magnum Nutraceuticals. Tickets at SGD128, SGD88 and SGD58 (excluding Sistic booking fee) can be bought at all authorized Sistic outlets nationwide.


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  1. Awesome coverage! Thanks for the article. I know Don Madge (now in EFC and Tiger Muaythai) beat Thiago Texeira when he was in Thailand, so it will be very interesting to see how Vusi performs. Vusi is definitely one of the best Muaythai Fighters to come out of SA, so it should be an exciting co-main event. Keep up the good work and great Martial Arts reporting!

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