Muaythai Journal Episode 8: PetchIssan SeaTransDiscovery

I don’t know about you, but I have been anticipating the next episode of Muaythai Journal. Every new episode just excites me to see how various Nak Muays’ live and feel about their lives in the Muaythai world.

In this episode, they speak to PetchIssan SeaTransDiscovery. He trains out of Sangmorakot Gym and talks about his motivation behind fighting, which revolves around his desire to help his family earn more money, and who is main influence is around the gym. Bare in mind this kid is only 18 and has had over 50 fights already.

Make sure you watch the whole episode to see Pinsiam Sor. Amnoisirichoi working the pads like he wants to kill them.

Once again many thanks to Muaythai Journal for the upload. Keep up the excellent work

About Guy Lazarus

I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

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