Thailand VS Europe Results

The second big event from this weekend was the first of the Thailand VS Challenger series for the year.  The event took place in Germany and feature a few of the top Nak Muay Nonsai. One fighter on this card that might not be well known is Enrico Kelh. First time I saw him fight was at the Kings Cup 2009. Even though he lost the fight vs Fadi Merza he showwed he had the makings of a champion, displaying heart a large variety of techniques and boundless energy. I say this again, keep an eye out for him!

Dilara Yildiz def. Sabine Kern by Decision
I’Ibrahim Karakoc def. Kerim Jemai by TKO in Rd. 2
Mo Panzu def. David Subjak by Decision
Maruf Ozcan def. Carlos Guerreiro by TKO
Amer Osmanhodzic def. Wassili Gebel by TKO
Undercard Result: Waldemar Nachtigal def. Konstantin Biegler by Decision

Main Card
Shkodran Vaseli def. Alexander Sakotic by Decision
Daniel Koehler def. Ramon Kubler by Decision
Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn def. Steeve Valente by TKO(elbow) Rd. 3
Chistophe Pruvost def. Changpuek Sor.KeawSuek by Decision
Suriya Prasathinpimai def. Marco Pique by Decision
Enrico Kelh def. Berneung TopKing Boxing by KO (Spinning Elbow) in Rd.3

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