Africans Representing: Ncedo Gomba & Marcel Gaines

Ncedo Gomba & Marcel Gaines celebrating their victories

This is the start of a set of features of why I have started this blog. I want to give exposure to Africans representing their countries abroad. There are far more than most of the community seem to think there and I will also be getting interviews with them where possible. So let me know below which fighters you want me to interview. This is not restricted to any style, as I am sure there are some interesting stories out there for guys who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that i do not know about yet for example.

My first post in this series is going to be a a double feature as they are training out of the same gym in Thailand and both come from Cape Town. I am talking about Ncedo Gomba and Marcel Gaines. Both guys are Cape Town locals that are living their dream in Phuket.

Ncedo only recently moved there a few weeks ago and has already had much success. He just won the AITMA Nai Khanomtom World Championships. He fought 2 hard battles and won by forfeit in the finals as his opponent didnt come out to compete. Ncedo has been fighting Muaythai since a very young age of 13. He has achieved bronze and silver medals as a junior at the IFMA World Championships and more recently won the South African K1 title. Watch Ncedo’s two AITMA tournament fights below.

Marcel Gaines joined the Muaythai community a little later in life than Ncedo. Locally, Marcel has had a fair amount of success as an amateur but since making the move to Thailand a few months ago, his skills and techniques have improved vastly and is making waves in Phuket. He too competed in the AITMA Nai Khanomtom World Championships, but unfortunately lost in the finals to Yaomai Por Lar-Suea. Notably, he has also won the AMCO title bout in Chaweng stadium. Watch Marcel’s Finals fight below.

I would like to wish both of them Chok Dee (Good Luck in Thai) for all their future fights and keep holding the South African Flag high!

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