A very inspiring documentary about a Down Syndrome MMA Fighter: Garret’s Fight

I found this inspiring video late last night. I’m honestly a little torn on my thoughts on it. On the one hand it is very inspiring to see someone living their dream and fighting through many hardships and makes me look at my life in a new light. However, on the other hand; fighting is a a dangerous sport in its nature. I have heard many stories of concussions leading to brain damage and even death in some cases. I am not too familiar with Down Syndrome and all its facets, but surely being hit in the head continuously can not be good for him? It is bad enough for someone for anyone as it is. I can only imagine this will cause damage to a much larger degree than your average person. I am honestly quite shocked that there was proper sanctioning for his fight and how he past a medical exam. Down Syndrome generally means a low cognitive level in the individual. To Quote:”He has slow reaction times.”

Mental disabilities aside, he seems more than capable as an athlete to fight and smartly at that. It is also pretty awesome to see that he is ‘paying it forward’ and teaching his skills to others of similar backgrounds. I am a firm believer that Martial Arts training can help ones body and mind to develop. Maybe, due to the exercise and adrenalin from training and fighting MMA he has increased brain function?

I would really like to get your opinions on the matter as I am still on the fence about it, so leave a comment below to discuss the topic.

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